Charismon® - Efficacy

Scientists said: in no other substance in the world you get as many Omegas (Omega fatty acids) per gram as in this oil of egg scientific, biophysical and symbolic explanations)

How can the high degree in efficacy on human as well as the effect on arteriosclerosis be explained? The mere biochemical analyses shows saturated and unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). Among those are Omega 3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

 They show the following effects by forming eicosanoids:

  • regulation of the lipolyses
  • dissolving of inflammatory processes
  • regulation of the ion transport through the cell membrane
  • herewith strong influence on the cell’s capacity to transport electric impulses
  • modulation of synaptic potentials
  • starter of blood coagulation process
  • regulation of the sleep/wake cycle
  • regulation of several reproduction processes
  • regulation of the cholesterine syntheses
  • increase of immune defense
  • fine tuning of the mood
  • influence on memory and feelings
  • loss of eye sight due to old age
  • activity of the brain
  • brain activity and eye sight capacity of small children growth

The high degree in efficacy cannot be explained by these facts alone. The scientific research of life shows more and more that biochemical analyses alone is insufficient, but biophysical aspects must be considered very significantly.